Meet Your Destiny Strategist,

Amber joy daniel!

Speaker, Author, Consultant, Coach.

Most Professional Christian Singles who struggle to find a mate, wish that others understood their challenges without pressuring or judging them. It isn't that they're picky, complicated or desperate... We get it! There's another reason that almost no-one else is addressing...

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Are there strong, single, Christian women in your tribe and you want to serve them well?

Do they want a family of their own,

AND the career of their dreams,

but don't know how to get them?

  • Have they tried unsuccessfully & are tired of:
  • Being the bridesmaid not the bride
  • Being asked when they'll settle down?
  • Meeting a bunch of jerks when dating?
  • Fearing they've missed their chance?
  • Hoping they'll still get to be a Mom?
  • Hearing their biological clock ticking?

We can solve their problem and yours with my signature talk. In my talk I share the major tenets of our Destiny Accelerator process. We use a 3 part Destiny Fortress Framework that covers why your audience should go from Single to Soulmate, the Root & Fruit of Singleness and the Journey into the Promised Land of Covenant - (Speed Version).


Don't talk at me...

problem #1 communication

Most folks who give advice describe what singleness looks and feels like from the outside looking in. I've walked this road myself. As a single till my late thirties, I know what it looks and feels like from the inside looking out. I speak your language, I talk to you, with you, for you even, but never at you... More than that, I listen... I hear what singles are saying... This is why you should book me...

Does anyone even know why I'm still single?

PROBLEM #2 getting the root

Detailing the symptoms of the problem is one thing, finding a solution that works is another. Most processes deal with the shoot and fruit of the problem without getting to the root. In our process, we discover and deal with the root of the singleness issue AND, we have proven results- Marriages!!! This might be another great reason to book me!

how do i know it will work for me

PROBLEM #3 adaptability

Each individual is a unique and complex tapestry of thought, emotion and mental capacity. A nuanced approach is needed to tackle the individual needs of singleness for each person. That's what our process delivers, community, camaraderie, AND a focus on individuality... As a speaker, I know that your audience needs to know that they are not merely numbers or warm bodies in seats, but special, individual gifts to the world, What I share will affirm this, and remind them that the process will fit their individual needs.

We're really on to something special here...

...the Destiny Accelerator Program gets results...but this process was forged in years of my personal pain as a forgotten, misunderstood, strong, single, Christian woman...

This is why I'm on a mission to help women just like the singles in your audience, take their relational destiny and get married! I'm holding out for 1 million marriages by 2031.

We’ve Identified the Solution...

Unlocking the foundational issues plaguing singles yields rapid results... This means no more dating that ends in disappointment, frustration and heartache. This means a marriage contract and covenant. That's what Christian singles want, and you can deliver it to them NOW by booking Amber. Simply call 657-279-2788 or email

Amber joy's story

"Amber if you want to have babies, you need to start having sex..."

My doctor pushed my exam results aside, folded her arms and said Amber, if you want to have children, you need to start having sex…

I was gobsmacked… In that moment I could hear my biological clock frantically ticking away…. Tick toc, tick toc… She hit the table calling me to attention.. and all of me came to attention… for the first time I realized how cold, grey and quiet it was in the room…

I wondered if I’d missed the chance to be a Mom… I wondered if l’d ever get married… I wondered if my dream for the life I wanted… was ever gonna happen…

I wondered if I'd missed my chance to be a Mom... I wondered if I'd ever get married... I wondered if my dream for the life I wanted was ever gonna happen...

I’d been a Christian for a long time, knew a lot of scripture, knew how to pray, but in this area of my life I was going nowhere…I needed a solution… FAST… because I didn’t want to miss it.

God started me on a journey… showing me, leading me, guiding me to spiritual principles and strategies I’d never known or seen or heard about before, and coupled with the things I’d been learning in various programs, masterminds, grad school, I began to develop a way to integrate them that was seamless and practical.

I took it, tweaked it, tried it… and guess what? It worked!

It worked so well that…Instead of wondering if I’d ever get the chance to be a Mom, mow I am a Mom and I’m enjoying every minute of raising an AMAZING baby girl...

Instead of wondering if I’d ever get married, I went from single to married in 6 months and now I’m married to the Love of my life and I’ve never been happier...

Instead of wondering if my dream for the life I wanted will ever happen, NOW I’m living my dream and pursuing the life I’ve always wanted.…


"As a professional Christian Woman, you can have everything in DESTINY, you need only have the right STRATEGY!!!

All you need to know about AWARD WINNING SPEAKER AMBER JOY DANIEL...

"Are You Living Out Your FATE or Taking Your DESTINY?"

This was the question asked in the 2021 Speak Off in Texas that got Amber to winner's row alongside these two powerful speakers. Her message of hope is an inspiration to single Christian women everywhere who would dare to journey into destiny despite past hurts and failures in relationships...


What Am I an Expert on?



Amber unlocks 3 strategies for moving from single to soulmate that will help women retain their worth and values as they navigate the single space. Amber encourages singles to align their dating practice with their values, seek mentorship and look for a spirit connection. When applied together these strategies have a profound impact, collapsing time for women who desire to come into covenant relationships.


• Modern Mating

• Christian Dating

• Mentoring in Relationships

• Spirit To Spirit vs Soul To Soul

• What's Possible for Covenant Relationships

• What Now?


The fruit, the shoot & THe Root Demystifying the truth about why you're still single

Many Christian singles are weary. Especially those in their thirties and above have given dating even marriage their best shot and have only disappointment and scars to show for it. Amber speaks to those hurting, broken, places and encourages women to hope and dream again because of their eternal assignment. Her practical advice and experience help women identify where they're stuck in bad relationship cycles and break free so that they can take control and take their destiny in relationships.


• Why even bother - Destiny

• What the Fruit looks like - Drama

• What the Shoot looks like - Depression

• What is the Root - (The Dreaded Secret)

• How do I fix it?

• Are there any others who have?


redeeming your destiny- it is worth it

In this presentation Amber cuts through the fluff and goes straight for destiny. She asks the audience to identify whether they've been living their fate or taking their destiny. Amber then shares her 4 Pillars Framework and discusses how one's foundation may positively or negatively affect the efforts one has been making in building the 4 pillars of their lives. She then goes further to outline how and why one's thoughts and fixation matter. Amber culminates this talk with the presentation of the full structure-the Destiny Fortress, and encourages the audience to build again, or build more wisely, now that they are informed about how the 3 sections work together.

Topics I cover:

• Fate or Destiny

• The 4 Pillars

• The Foundation

• The Fixation

• Your Destiny Fortress

• What Now? What's Next?

what others are saying - testimonials

coaches called all those who needed to hear her message

"her message of Hope & humor opens the heart of the audience..."

I highly recommend Amber Joy Daniel. She is a gifted and passionate communicator.

Amber so beautifully, has crafted a message of such hope for the audience. This message combines her own past life experiences that draws the audience in. Amber uses her own life story to touch the hearts and immediate needs of the special women God has asked her to pour into.

Amber's delivery was exemplary. By combining life lessons as examples, and throwing in the occasional humor she give our audience immediate and useful take-aways. True God imparted revelation takes place. Your audience will leave feeling excited and motivated to dig deeper Into their foundations as Amber comes alongside as a speaker-mentor.


Neuro-Science Strategy Coach, Speaker and Co-Host of The Restored Table


"I had messages all through the night discussing the points that amber raised."

After experiencing the dynamism of Amber Joy Daniel, I began to immediately think up opportunities to showcase her. I knew the positive and life changing impact she had made in my life in such a short time and like good news, I couldn’t keep her to myself.

As she presented at an event I was hosting, I observed the enraptured expressions, the quiet and vigorous nods from the audience; they identified with the speaker. They chuckled and blushed at her realness, comments bubbled from the chat of how her words were connecting and resounding in their own experiences. They were drinking her in and I knew they too had experienced, “The Amber Effect!”

Amber is an experience waiting to be shared with the world. While in life we may have regrets, booking Amber today for your event is never a regret that you would have!


Educator and

CIOM Singles Ministry


she could say what they didn't know how to say

"She loves her audience well and moves them."

As the creator of conferences I invite powerhouse speakers to join me on stage to pour into audiences. Amber Joy Daniel was one of my speakers for the Giving God Your Greatest Yes Conference.

Amber brought great love, compassion and truly stands for women as they navigate the seasons of their lives. She is strong and her strength overflows on her audience which in turn empowers them to step into their desires in their heart.

Amber loves to have fun with her audience, laughing and engaging with them. She is a great story teller and is casting vision the whole time she is speaking.

The feedback I received after the conference was fully steeped in gratitude and thankful for Amber's ability to say what they didn't know how to say. To stand for their desires even when they thought those dreams had died as well as to lift the burden off of them as they now knew they were not alone.

She loves her audience well and moves them. That is what all great speakers have an opportunity to do. I am thankful to have had Amber join my conference and to do what she so wonderfully does - speak.


Speaker, Author, and

Conference Organizer

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